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Shayna's Interviews

7th October 2022

Shayna Jack | LSKD 1% Better Series

Discover what makes Shayna Jack perform at the highest level. Through set backs, victories and uncertainties to the highest levels of success. This is their push for 1% better. Every day.

7th July 2022

Road to the Commonwealth Games | Sunrise

Shayna spoke exclusively one-on-one with Sunrise’s Mark Beretta about her rocky road to this year's Commonwealth Games.

Sunrise, Ch 7

19th May 2022

Shayna's Comeback | The Project

It’s been an emotional week for swimmer Shayna Jack. After a doping controversy derailed her career, she’s now free to compete, and last night, she showed us what she’s made of at the Australian Swimming Championship.

The Project Ch10

8th March, 2021

'I did not intentionally take drugs': Shayna Jack fights to clear her name | Australian Story
Busted, banned and broken. Why elite swimmer Shayna Jack is taking on worldwide anti-doping bodies to get back into the pool. 🏊‍♀️
Fish Out of Water tonight on Australian Story


4th March, 2021

Trailer: Fish Out of Water | Australian Story
Elite swimmer Shayna Jack breaks her silence on the system that took her down.
Fish Out of Water | Monday 8th 8pm on #AustralianStory



16th December, 2019

The 21-year-old is back in the spotlight today but a lot of what you may have heard is simply wrong. So here now, in her own words, is Shayna’s side of the story.

The Project Ch10

2nd July 2019

Dolphins Australian Swimming team visit Great Barrier Reef
The Australian Dolphins Swim Team was spotted on the Great Barrier Reef today. Four of Cairns most promising young swimmers joined the athletes, while they enjoyed a break from their busy training schedule.

Channel 7 News

12th Aug, 2018

Get To Know: Shayna Jack
Shayna Jack answers all of your burning questions in this episode of 'Get To Know'!

Australian Dolphines Swim Team

Shayna's News

06/10/23 - CODE Insight

‘Worst moment of my life’: Jack’s horror drug ban reality

25/03/21 - Swim Swam

NSW District Judge Paul Conlon speaks up in defense of Shayna Jack


07/12/20 -

Sport Integrity Australia’s bombshell announcement in Shayna Jack’s doping saga

24/11/21 - Sydney Morning Herald

How Shayna Jack convinced the person who mattered most she wasn't a cheat

23/03/21 - Sky Sports Radio

NSW District Court Judge gives thoughts on Shayna Jack court case and reaction to proposed ban from swimming

09/03/21 - Alan Jones Sky News

Acting judge assesses issues facing suspended Australian swimmer Shayna Jack

16/11/20 - Sydney Morning Herald

'I never doubted myself': Shayna Jack's career saved as doping ban halved on appeal

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