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Unlocking Resilience

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Mastering the Art of Being Human

Shayna Jack has faced her fair share of challenges throughout her career, stooping her mental and emotional fortitude to all-time lows. Despite all her hardship, one thing is for certain…


Shayna's resilience has never wavered.

After a remarkable comeback to international swimming in 2022, which saw her secure 3x medals at the Commonwealth Games, 3x World Championships and 3x World Records, Jack is back!

Shayna now wishes to share what she has learnt through her journey, hoping to teach and inspire resilience to all those that need that extra push!

Shayna is proud to announce the Unlocking Resilience: Mastering the Art of Being Human program, which will delve into Shayna’s story and the key strategies that helped her return stronger than ever!

If you’re interested in this one of one resilience program, please fill out the expression of interest below.

Expression of Interest

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