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number 1.

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This is me

I am a representation of what it means to be resilient, what it means to be determined, and what it means to be an Australian. I have represented the Australian Senior Dolphins from 2017-2019 and from 2022-now. With a gap in my career from 2019 - 2021 after being subjected to a harsh and unjust system, I fought day-in and day-out to return to the sport I love. And in nothing short of ‘Shayna’ style, I made my return at the 2022 World Championships and Commonwealth Games where I came away with Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Throughout 2023 and 2024, I became a 4x World Champion with my Australian peers, and most recently won the women's 50m freestyle at the Australian Swimming Trials...

Now, I'm set to make my Olympic dreams come true, as I get ready to compete at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!


I am very fortunate to enjoy a reputation as a positive individual with a genuinely upbeat approach to all things in my life. My aim is to always engage and connect with people I meet throughout my career. I am acutely aware of the impact that I can have as a high-profile swimmer on young athletes and the broader sport community. I take this responsibility seriously, and have a deep-rooted desire to have a positive impact on every person that I cross paths with.


Throughout my rollercoaster of a career, I have learnt a considerable amount about myself and what it means to be ‘Shayna Jack’. I’ve learnt that my purest joy comes from my swimming, and maximizing the impact I can make on the next generation. I’ve learnt that my individuality is my strength, resilience and ability to overcome adversity. The message I hope to portray is that honesty and the truth will always prevail, and neither should be compromised by anyone or anything. I look forward to sharing the strategies and practices that helped me remain strong in uncertain times, with other athletes no matter how big or small the challenges they face.


I want to be able to share these messages and lessons with as many young and ambitious individuals as I can. Whether it be overcoming adversity in sport or life, dealing with pressure, or tackling a challenge head-on… I hope people can learn from my journey. I look forward to mentoring and helping shape the future of swimming. Because these young people are the future.

Australian Swimmer  Dog Mum 
Motivational Speaker    
 Brand Ambassador   Mentor Resilient   Powerful Female

 Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Winner  

Current Partners

I am grateful to my current partners who are supporting me on my journey to the Paris Olympics!


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